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  • Get Set Go...Be Spring Ready
    Get Set Go...Be Spring Ready

    Start Date: 2/27/2021 12:00:00 AM

    End Date: 5/31/2021 12:00:00 AM

    Spring, the season of change, rejuvenation and renewal. After a long cold winter, the weather begins to warm up and there is once again a need to make changes in your wardrobe. No need for heavy jackets or snow boots. It is time for dressing up the bed in cooler linen and bringing more colors in your clothes. Alphabetdeal is celebrating springtime with great new deals at special prices. We give you a great opportunity to remove the old and bring the exciting new into your lives. From bed linen to curtains, toys to garden tools, area rug to tea lights and pretty jewelry. Go indulge yourselves and get an extra 15% off on all purchases. Don’t forget to use the coupon SPRING15.

  • Don’t just make the bed, give it a makeover
    Don’t just make the bed, give it a makeover

    Start Date: 10/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

    End Date: 3/31/2021 12:00:00 AM

    Sometimes, routine gets to you and you wish to break it. It is tough to make a big change but even a variation can have a big impact and make you feel calmer and happier. When you can make a change, you feel more in control of the situation and that’s a great feeling!

    Oh, how you wish you could change your bedroom or living area or kitchen! Not possible? Take small steps, make little changes, add a few things here and there, and enjoy the impact. The easiest is to change the bedroom. The bed is the center of this room (obviously) and changing the look of the bed will change the look of the entire room. Choose a bright bedcover for an immediate lift. The weather is too cold? Bring some warmth and spring by choosing a warm and pretty bedsheet. Add some cushions for creating an inviting feel. Alphabetdeal offers a wide range of bed sheets at an unbelievable price that will be so tough to resist. Choose from wrinkle-free, luxe, fade-resistant, microfiber, easy-care, and more. There is something for everyone, so go ahead and indulge. Slip between the crispy clean or super-soft sheets and wake up fresh ready to face another day. Make a small change and enjoy the big impact as it creates freshness in your life. Don’t just make the bed, give it a makeover! 

  • Cozy Feet, Happy Face
    Cozy Feet, Happy Face

    Start Date: 10/20/2020 12:00:00 AM

    End Date: 6/30/2021 12:00:00 AM

    The weather is changing and we need to keep our feet warm. Warm feet keep us comfortable, more energetic, and happy. More activity means more pressure on our poor feet. They take us places, run errands with us, jog with us and take the pressure of all our activities. Keeping our feet healthy and happy is our responsibility. Clean them properly, pamper them and protect them. Everyone prefers different kinds of socks as per their activities. There are almost as many varieties of socks as our clothes. Whether you wear no show socks, crew socks, calf socks or more, Alphabetdeal has them all – colorful, warm, fun, support or compression.  Slip on a pair of funky, trendy, and super stylish #18 Pairs Women's Fun Patterned No Show Ankle Socks and you would love to keep them on. For a more active lifestyle, combine style with comfort and choose stylish #6 pairs Rexx Women’s Patterned Knee High Compression socks which relieve sore muscles, improve blood circulation, and look great at the same time, making them a great choice for all. Men can make their regular and boring work wardrobe pop with Quality Cotton-Blend Colorful Patterned Dress Socks. These mid-calf socks are comfortable and functional and will fit comfortably in any shoe.

    Remember to take good care of your pair (of feet). Keep them healthy, cozy, and happy, and feel the smile on your face as you hop from one activity to another

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